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Underrated in sports

Underrated in sports

How does someone get the title underrated? Is it from being in a small market, is it the way they play the game or could it be something as trivial and minute as having a weird name. The title of underrated in sports is a blessing and at the same time a curse. Players labelled underrated often get noted for only being underrated, it’s like they get credit for being above adequate but at the same time their titles are not good enough to be in the same conversations as the other elites. Now as I implied earlier players can get this title for a variety of reasons. For example: Gordon Hayward is one of the Utah Jazz’s best players at the moment and has consistently played at an all-star level and yet he rarely gets his due. He has yet to be named to an all-nba team or even an all-star team.

underrated in sports

Could this be because his name isn’t catchy so he doesn’t get the same advertisement and sponsorship that could promote him to national attention? Well in his case I believe it’s an amalgamation of things. The name thing is one but also Gordon Hayward plays for the Utah Jazz a team that even when good often fail to get their due recognition.

While Gordon is capable of big dunks and is a fairly good long distance shooter his game is not one that will have the whole family watching. But should that deny him the right to be a household name? On the other hand take Nick Young better known by his alias Swaggy P. Now Nick Young is a player whose career I’ve followed since day one. I watched him in college I saw Second Chance Season (his high school documentary) and being a hardcore Wizards fan I cheered him on when he was drafted and he had my support when he played for Washington. Nick Young has a large amount of popularity around the league even though in my opinion he is not in any way a better player than Gordon Hayward, however, nick Young is featured in more commercials, he’s referenced in songs and gets more praise from commentators. Despite Gordon besting Swaggy P statistically he is still given the short end of the stick. Now while Nick Young might not have stats on his side, but what he does have is the jersey of a storied franchise with arguably the biggest market in basketball, he was formerly engaged to a pop-star and he also has a catchy nickname. So is it better to have the promotion or the proof?

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