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Top Ten Favorite Stops in Boston


Top Ten Favorite Stops in Boston

By: David Archer

Boston, the birthplace of the American Revolution. If you ever visit this beloved city, you will be in awe within a matter of hours! I recently visited Boston and fell in love immediately. Being my first visit; I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about seeing some of the most historic sights Boston has to offer. Lucky for me, the clerk at the hotel I stayed at suggested I take The Olde Towne Trolley Tour. This trolley takes you around the city for about 40 dollars a person and also includes a water boat cruise on the harbor. The trolley makes numerous stops along the way and at each stop you can  choose to get off and simply just get back on at any given time. Pretty cool, eh? Out of all the stops the trolley makes, I came up with a top ten of places to visit. Enjoy!




Not too far from the busy shopping frenzy that is known as Quincy Market, You will find trolley stop 1 where you can purchase your tickets and board the trolley. On a side note, if you are in need of snacks and drinks before you go sight-seeing; there is a 7-eleven in the vicinity. Prices are very reasonable there compared to other places you will encounter along the way. Unless you use, tobacco,  prices are around $10 a pack everywhere you go.




Number 2 on the list is stop number 2. Here you will find Paul Reveres House and the Old North Church. For those of you who do not know; Paul Revere road thru the streets on his horse warning the local militia that the British were coming. What some of us may not realize is that at the time; all citizens were still considered British citizens as our nation was still under British control. Therefore, this caused a lot of confusion and commotion among the people of Boston. The Old North Church is where they hung lanterns to let the local militia know how the British troops were approaching. One lantern to signal they were coming by land and two if they approached by sea. In April 1775 two lanterns were lit to signify the British were coming by sea. Local militia was warned and told not to fire until they could see the whites of their eyes!  It was pointed out to me by our tour guide that up until the death of John F Kennedy, the old north church was the tallest building in Boston.


Next on our historic tour is Charlestown Naval shipyard. Home to the USS Constitution; the oldest commissioned battleship in our Navy. Nicknamed “Old Ironsides” in the war of 1812. She got the name because during battle, cannonballs from enemy ships would bounce right off her hull as if she was made of steel. The hull is made of 22 inch Georgia pine. The Constitution has been in dry dock for the past 3 years so she is stripped of all her cannons and more at the moment. However, there is a great museum next door which showcases artifacts and great history lessons for all ages. Touring the ship and the museum are free, however, the museum does ask for donations. Also docked on the pier  is the USS Cassin Young. An older destroyer who lost many men in battle. You can walk on board and get a glimpse of what a navy sailors life is like. You can only walk the main deck. I like to mention that I was there in June and it was very hot.  Touring the museum and/or the visiting center is a great way to get away from the heat. They are both air conditioned.


You wanna go where everyone knows you’re name? Yes, the original Cheers bar is located here. Famous for the sitcom show by the same name. You can hear the famous theme song playing as you waddle down the stairs to the bar which is located in the basement. There is also another bar upstairs modeled after the Hollywood tv set. The show was filmed in Hollywood not in Boston. Gift shop and back room dining are also available. There is also a replica bar located elsewhere in Boston.


“Lets Play Ball!”. Baseball that is. Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox. There is a restaurant there that overlooks the field. Red sox were not in town when I visited, however, it was a nice walk around this infamous park. I love baseball and the Red Sox  and I hope to catch a hot dog and a game next time I am in town.


Not too far from Fenway Park is a restaurant owned by the famous Wahlberg brothers, Mark Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg . I stopped in for lunch and to beat the heat. Surprisingly, prices were very reasonable compared to many others in the area. I had an original Wahlburger and an ice cold draft beer. Walls are filled with pics and posters of Wahlburger movies and I was told the brothers do make surprise visits. Did not happen while I was there however, maybe next time.


As we pulled up to the corner of State Street and Congress Street, I was overwhelmed with patriotic emotion. Our Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia, however, it was here on this corner where the Declaration was first read to the American Citizens….or were they still British …hmmm


Quote the Raven, “Nevermore”. Boston is the also the birthplace of the famous poet, Edgar Allen Poe. Along our trolley ride there is a stop where you can get off and check out a statue of him. There is also a poem on the wall as well.


I mentioned earlier that with the price of the  tour , you also get to enjoy a Boston Harbour Cruise. You do not take have to take the cruise on the same day as the tour. There is usually a long line waiting to board and it was very hot the day we went. Once on the boat, however, there is plenty of beverages you can purchase to help cool down. The cruise tours the harbor as the captain explains more history about the harbor and history of Boston. The cruise also goes over to Charleston Naval Shipyard, where the USS Constitution and USS Cassen Young are docked. You can get off there and tour the ships and museums and every hour another cruise ship comes back to pick up tourists.


Last on my list is the Boston Logan Hotel. It is on the grounds of the Logan Airport. I love this  hotel because we could sit and have a meal, while overlooking the harbor and the city of Boston across the water. There are tables outside which have fire pits placed in the middle of the table. So you can enjoy some fine Boston cuisine while enjoying a mystic view. Be sure to try their breakfast which was out of this world.

I fell in love with this beautiful, historic city and I will be going again very soon,

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