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The Original Sports City

Sports City

The Original Sports City

By David Archer

Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma; we never had a sport team we could call our own. The closest big city with a sports team was across the border in Dallas, Texas. The Dallas Cowboys, Mavericks, Texas Rangers. Great teams with loyal fans who stood by their team win or lose. As in Texas, I am sure that every major city who has a sports team feels equal about their beloved team. However, it was not until I recently visited the city of Boston that I discovered not only probably the best loyal fan base; but also a city where some of our major sports were originally born.

Boston, Massachusetts is where the shot around the world took place. The city where the American Revolution began. The Boston Tea Party, the ride of Paul Revere to warn the militia that the British were coming, and where the Declaration of Independence was first read. Rich in America’s history, Boston is the birthplace of what is America. Out of this rich tradition; major sports also became in a sense; revolution. For instance, the great Bobby Orr, who helped his hockey team sweep the Stanley Cup. Larry Bird and Bill Russel who were phenomenon on the basketball court playing in Boston Gardens for the Celtics.

The awesome Boston Red sox who you cannot help but want to go to Fenway park, grab a hot
dog and a cold beer and cheer them on! I took a tour of this beautiful city and everywhere I went, people were sporting their favorite Boston team apparel. The city is thriving in expanding with companies like Nike and GE moving their headquarters to this great city. Boston; home to the American Revolution is also home to some of the greatest original sports teams of all time!

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