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Ghostbusters 2016 Review

Ghostbusters 2016 Review

James Fleming

Ghostbusters was met with a lot of controversy and let me start off by saying that I have no bias towards women nor am I a meninist, and the only outstanding bias I might’ve had towards this film was my exponential love for the original film, now on to the review. Ghostbusters was bad; it wasn’t the worst thing imaginable but by god was it just not good. The writing was flat B-material from Paul Fieg, the special effects were something straight out of the Scooby Doo movies, and the editing was so random and choppy that I was honestly just as confused as I was upset watching this so called “movie”. Most of the jokes in this film like I implied earlier are cutting room floor level sloppy humorless little quips that get annoying very fast. It’s like not one bit of dialogue felt organic, it all felt processed and rushed out. For example; one recurring gag is Melissa Mcarthey’s character constantly telling jokes about not getting enough won-tons in her soup and it’s not just one lame joke, no like I said this joke is recurring they try to force it about four or five times.

Most of the actors and actresses came across as played out caricatures, delivering pedantic dialogue. Even Bill Murray who they gave a half-assed cameo didn’t even try to be funny. The editing is so god-awful that scenes seem to be cut randomly, with characters going from place to place scene to scene with no explanation. The reason I said “so called movie” earlier is because nothing feels at all palpable like it’s not even trying to get you invested, from the terrible processed comedy, the unnecessary villain, the even worse villain bait and switch, the inconsistent character development, the whole ordeal feels like eating something from a fast food place that tastes bad but it comes in fancy packaging.

In Ghostbusters they even try being all meta, by reading internet comments just like how in real life, when they labeled everyone who disapproved of the film (and that painful trailer) as trolls. Instead of doing that they should have been more focused on writing good dialogue, then again the original ghostbusters was a natural labor of love from Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis unlike this mess. Then it hit me; this movie wasn’t trying to be new or daring or even trying to compound the legacy of the old ghostbusters, no somewhere in all the news about this film I fell prey to all the guilt for not liking this movie, so I believed it was actually trying. When in reality; all the controversy surrounding this film, the claims of misogyny being the reason for the dislike of the awful trailer, the seemingly pointless gender-swapping, everything was just a bunch of subterfuge to raise awareness for a bad reboot. The only good things I could take away from this film were, Charlotte McKinley’s A plus effort and Zach Woods being slightly funny in the first act.

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