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Eminem hates Trump….wait what?

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Eminem is no fan of Donald Trump

As you probably have heard already Eminem is no fan of Donald Trump and he is making no secret of it. Nowadays everyone is talking about Trump, whether you are watching the VMAs, sports or listening to music its Trump everywhere you look. Love him or hate him he drives ratings. There are many hosts of late night that have dedicated their shows to attacking him and it has worked for people like Stephen Colbert because he has risen to number one in the process. Instead of thanking Trump he continues to attack him and said F*** you on air to Trump. Forget this being the supposed tolerant and progressive side, Trump has driven the left into a true Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Celebrities are out of control bashing him but the one who surprised me is Eminem. Eminem tends to hide for years on end then shows his face when he wants people to buy his album then he goes into his basement and disappears again. He talks about outdated things and really doesn’t have his mother or any pop star he wants to bash anymore so he has set his sights on Donald Trump. Now what’s surprising is early in Eminem’s career he was called, by the media, a homophobe, a sexist and a racist. Does this sound familiar? I believe the media has driven 99% of the hate for Trump and it seems like Eminem is the latest victim but you would think a person who has endured the medias wrath would be a little bit smarter to fall for the medias game but I guess someone who is still 40 and raps about raping women isn’t the smartest guy in the world. To me trump is Hip hop, you can check out this YouTube video about people who think Trump is a boss.

Trump does not give a f*** and he says what he wants, when he wants to whoever he wants. He is a billionaire who supposedly took a million-dollar loan from his father and turned it into 10 billion. He has never run for any position in the government until he ran for president and won on his first try. On the way he was bullied, mocked and made fun of and he gave it right back tenfold. The hate only fueled the Trumpsters fire and drove him to be more determined.

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America did not listen to Hollywood, they did not listen to the media and it’s a shame people will not accept the fact that Trump won despite the attempted sabotage and just let Trump be Trump. I would love someone to sit down Eminem and grill him on why he hates Trump or anyone else in Hollywood for that matter. Eminem needs to call it quits he is over 40 now and it’s time to retire his outdated act. This is coming from a lifelong supporter of Eminem, I grew up on him and still feel he is the greatest rapper alive but I have to be real, sit down Eminem, you’re drunk!



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