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Eminem hates Trump….wait what?

trump eminem

Eminem is no fan of Donald Trump As you probably have heard already Eminem is no fan of Donald Trump and he is making no secret of it. Nowadays everyone is talking about Trump, whether you are watching the VMAs, sports or listening to music its Trump everywhere you look. Love

Ageism in Rap

Ageism in Rap James Fleming Recently in the rap/hip-hop community there has been a growing disparity between the veteran traditionalists (old-heads) and the new wave of rappers. Many older rappers and fans of old hip-hop have voiced their vehement disapproval of modern rappers, specifically their messages, lyrics and the way they

Ghostbusters 2016 Review

Ghostbusters 2016 Review James Fleming Ghostbusters was met with a lot of controversy and let me start off by saying that I have no bias towards women nor am I a meninist, and the only outstanding bias I might’ve had towards this film was my exponential love for the original film, now