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5 tips to give a perfect interview

how to give perfect interview

5 Tips to Give A Perfect Interview

By Spencer Hagaman

With summer right around the corner, many teens and young adults are looking for part-time jobs to help cover summer expenses (and hopefully to save some for the future). That means job applications and interviews. For many unseasoned job hunters, this can be scary and cause some anxiety. Here are a few tips for that much feared interview:


   1. Come prepared and on time

That means business attire. Make sure you are punctual and have your job application and a concise resumé with you for the interviewer.

2.Firm handshake

5 tips to give a perfect interview

 This is your chance to make a great first impression. First impressions stick, and while it is a small thing, a firm handshake will gain the initial respect and trust of the interviewer. Make sure your handshake is not too strong and not too weak. If you are worried about shaking hands, pay special attention to this next tip.

3. Practice makes perfect

 Ask others about what questions they have been asked before in interviews. See if someone at your school campus or possibly a close friend will sit down with you for a mock interview. Interview questions will likely revolve around why you think you are the most qualified candidate for the job and your strengths and weaknesses. You might even be asked about a previous experiences where you had to be a leader or work collaboratively with a team of people. Practice, practice, and practice some more.

4. Ask questions

Interviews is a two-sided Q&A session. The interviewer will always ask at the very end if you have any questions. This is the time for you to find out anything pertinent to the job. Ask about the work environment or about possible opportunities to move up in the company. These will show you came prepared and you have a genuine interest in the job.

5. Relax

We’re not at our best when we are anxious and nervous. Take a deep breath, and do your best.

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