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5 Pet-Friendly Entryways

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5 Pet-Friendly Entryways

By: David Archer

I love our pets! We have 2 dogs and 5 cats plus 3 little kittens. Our cats are always wanting in and out of the house constantly. I go to let one in or out and there is always another one that wants in or out. This goes on all day, everyday. It can become very tiresome getting up or stopping what I am doing to accommodate our furry friends. So, I done some research to come up with 5 easy and affordable ways to create an entry way for our pets.


1. “Fast-Fit” Patio Pet Door

 Our easiest method is installing a  door “Fast Fit” Patio Pet Door attachment on the back of the house. I installed one a couple of years ago for a client and it was pretty simple to do. A few hand tools, (some require no tools at all),  and simple instructions allows to install one quick and easy, and is the best choice for customers on a budget. You can search online at major pet stores and look at Lowe’s.

2.  Screen Door Entry

This installation is ideal for warmer climate areas. WIth just a screen cutter or utility knife and  a screw driver , you can easily create a entry way in your screen door. With this method, you can maintain a barrier between your home and the yard only when you want one. When you dont, you can just close the main door.

3.Wood Pet Door

Another fairly easy do-it-yourself pet entryway  is to install a wood pet door.  All you need is a standard size pet door, a saw, and a screwdriver. Measure the size of door you have, cut around it, and install. with screws. Thats it! You can purchase an electric pet door which has the option to lock for added security to your home.

4. Storm Door Pet Entryway

A storm door entryway is very similar to installing the wood entry way.  If installing this entry way, weather is a big factor with such a heavy door. Make sure you make one that is sealed and can be locked.

5.Window Door

It’s fairly common that a home would have a window close to the floor.  Many times these will be situated around a door frame, or near a deck.  This can be a more affordable way to install a pet door as you don’t need to buy quite as large of a panel as you would for a door. Keep in mind that with any entry way you choose, you may have to train your pet or pets to use it.  Our pets were accustomed to us opening the door for them and it took a little while to teach them how they could go in an out by themselves.



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